Impressive landscapes, friendly people, and a whole lot to explore and learn, this is the promise Canada makes to anyone looking for adventure.

But each one of us sees this gorgeous country from a unique perspective, which is the reason why we decided to share ours (and maybe encourage others to do so as well).

So, the main reason behind acquiring spiritofcanada.net is represented by an ardent desire to spread awareness about the beauties and wonders this land has to offer. True, it’s no undiscovered territory, but many people don’t know what to expect besides snow, cold, Caucasian lumberjacks, and hockey jocks. Although, you can always get good sleep. Especially after using a loom and leaf coupon.

Yes, you will meet at least several of these stereotypes, but many outsiders don’t know that the population is quite diverse. Actually, Canada is considered one of the top 20 most diverse countries in the world, before the US or the UK!

Not to mention the fact that they have two national languages (English and French). Still, the diversity doesn’t stop here. Each city is unique, with its very own community of people who have roots all over the world. For instance, Vancouver is considered to be the world’s most diverse city, with over 140 languages spoken!

Given that not many people know this about Canada, we want to make sure the word gets out. On this land, people come from different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, and everyone gets along. This is one of the elements that makes the spirit of Canada so great!

The Friendliness Myth

Everyone knows Canadians are friendly and easy going, but is this the reality? We’ll tell you stories that talk about locals’ amazing openness towards helping others and sharing, but we’ll also tell you why you don’t want to cross a Canadian.

These people are indeed friendly, which is one of the reasons why the Canadian spirit is such a big deal, but they also know when they’re taken for granted.

Overall, the people are obnoxiously nice, they don’t honk in traffic, and you’ll receive a heartfelt apology should anyone wrong you.

The Outdoors is Exquisite

Snow-capped mountains, beautiful forests, jaw-dropping trails, and an air that hits you like a hammer if you haven’t been out of the city for a while. This country is the perfect location for postcard pictures and has everything a nature enthusiast may want!

Did you know they have over 40 national park reserves? Also, there are lakes and glaciers, gorgeous rivers, and you may even have the chance to see a moose on the highway. Canadians love their backyard and they are fierce about protecting their natural beauties.

But it’s not just the love for Mother Nature that makes the spirit of Canada such a big thing. It’s also their love for outdoor sports! Anything from skiing to climbing and hiking is extremely common up here. Not to mention, they are obsessed with hockey.

Actually, we tend to develop this topic, since it’s a bit counterintuitive that a people so nice is so in love with a sport as brutal as hockey. This is the national sports and the glue that hold together all sorts of communities.

The Spirit of Canada

As you can see, there is a lot to talk about what makes Canadians so interesting. They’re super friendly but adore a violent sport, they are united as a community even though the population is extremely diverse, and they enjoy spending time outside even though it can get pretty cold.

Canada is a country of many contrasts, and this is the main reason why we acquired Spirit of Canada!