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With a full memory foam design, this mattress promises to be one of those beds you can adjust to accommodate your unique needs for firmness. It also features extreme comfort and a delightful sleeping experience, while calling the Novosbed mattress “the most affordable luxury bed in the world”. Be sure to grab the coupons and discounts that are available below.

This got us curious, so we decided to test this manufacturer’s claims ourselves. So, if you want to know the reality behind Novosbed memory foam mattress, have a look at our experience with the product below.

Who Is It For

We can say without a doubt that this bed is designed for every type of sleeper. With four different zones of comfort and the possibility to adjust its firmness in the comfort of your home, this is the mattress that will work for the side, stomach, and back sleepers.

However, if you’re set on buying a bed with natural fibers, Novosbed may not be for you. Otherwise, it does a fantastic job of delivering all the features of a luxury design!


The mattress features four different zones, as it follows (from top to bottom):

  • Ultra-soft: The top layer is also the one you get in direct contact with – the cover. Designed with eco-friendly Tencel material, the cover is soft to touch and proactively participates in keeping the sleeper dry and cool during the night.
  • Comfort: Immediately under the cover, it lays a layer of 5th generation memory foam that keeps the sleeper cool and comfy. This foam features an open cell structure, supporting good ventilation and heat dispersion. It’s also cushioning and supportive.
  • Transition: Here, you’ll find high-density memory foam that makes the transition from soft to supportive; from the top to the base. This is the zone that keeps the back supported, eliminates pressure points, and provides pain relief.
  • Durability: The base is also foam, but the kind that resists to prolonged use and enforces back support.

Besides the layers of foam, we should also mention that the cover has an elegant knitted design and that underneath you’ll find a two-way stretch elastic cover that keeps the inner layers together and protects them. Finally, the material covering the base is furniture-grade upholstery designed to protect the base.

When you combine all these layers, the result is a cushioning, supportive surface with a soft, luxurious feel. Not to mention, the cover can be washed in the machine!


The thing we love most about Novosbed is that they feature three different levels of firmness:

  • Soft (for side and back sleepers);
  • Medium (for any position);
  • Firm (back and stomach sleepers).

But what’s most interesting, they offer the possibility to adjust the firmness of your bed using a firmness kit (which is sent to you for free!).

All you have to do is add it under the cover (it unzips) when it arrives, and you’re done!

Sleeping Temperature

Novosbed is a mattress that sleeps cool. This is possible because of the type of foam used, which features an open-cell airflow design. This means that the foam’s structure is being aerated by billions of air cells, allowing the air to move through the mattress’s surface and whip away heat and humidity.

Other Features

During our review, we learned that the Novosbed mattress is indeed among the most comfortable memory foam designs on the market. But they also offer a bit more to increase customer satisfaction.

For instance, their sleep trial lasts for 120 nights and you get a 15 years warranty (meaning it is built to last). You also benefit from free transportation and returns, and you will get a full refund should you decide to return it.

Overall, Novosbed is true to their word and deliver one of the best luxury mattresses on the market, without boosting the prices or the skimping on quality!