Jacks Small Engines

Website: jackssmallengines.com



Jack Cumberland moved to Harford County, Maryland. One guy, moving to a small town. What was the consequence of this insignificant act? Well, you are about to find out.

Jack was an employee of IBM at the time, but it soon became common knowledge, that if you wanted you generator repaired, then he was the guy to see. News spread across the town, and it was not long before these repairs became a full-time job. More and more people came to him for repairs, and in 1990, Jack decided to open a store. The first Jacks Small Engine store was born. A small mobile trailer in Jarrettsville, which would one day evolve into the company it is.


Seven years later came a change in the weather which would have closed down another business almost instantly. For Jack, this was an opportunity. The area went through a drought. Without any rain, there were fewer crops and less farming. Less farming meant fewer engines to be fixed. Like the land, the work soon dried up.

But, Jack had some experience in computers. He also knew that it must be raining somewhere else, and in that place, there would be lots fo engines which need replacing. He put the two together and created a website for his business, selling some parts online. When the first order came in, Jack knew he was onto something and recruited his son to the business.

John became the first website designer for the company, and with the help of his wife, they added more and more parts to the online inventory. His wife, Adine soon became the CFO.

The website continues to grow and evolve, and soon they ran out of space to store all of the parts they sold. A new retail store was built, and the computer systems were overhauled.


A new warehouse opened in 2009. The 20,000 square feet was a bit of an upgrade from the trailer Jack started with, in 1980. More parts became available, and the wait time for the part tube delivered became less. The business ran smoother than it ever had before.


In February 2017, Jacks moved their online division warehouse and offices to Forest Hill, MD. The 30,000 square foot warehouse was state of the art. Wit commercial loading docks, roller conveyors, kitchens, conference rooms, fitness center, and more, this was a step up which Jack never saw coming. His small repair shop had tuned into an empire.

Jacks Small Engines has served customers for many years, and the number of customers continues to grow. They stock over 3 million parts, and each year the number of parts ordered grows.

The boom in business has allowed Jack and his staff to give back to the community. Each year they help a family during the holidays, giving to the people who need it most. Jack, started by helping and continues to do so today. A great idea and a lot of hard work have paid off.