DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud comes as close as possible to the idea of sleeping on a cloud!

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The combination of materials used and the way it supports your spine and dreams are astonishing. Even more, the luxurious Cashmere top is definitely something you wouldn’t expect to see in an affordable mattress!

Put in plain terms, this is the mattress that’s supposed to bring the luxury resort experience into your home. But if it manages to deliver may be a whole different thing. So, we decided to test each claim and below you have the chance to learn, once and for all, if DreamCloud is indeed a bed made for dreamers.

Who Is It For


The mattress is a hybrid design, so it has the capability to accommodate every type of sleeper. However, each sleeper’s experience is different, so we wanted to hear from real-life users. As it turns out, DreamCloud is indeed fit for all three sleeping types (back, stomach and side) but the level of comfort differs according to each person’s weight.

Since it has a bunch of layers, the surface can feel rather firm for a lightweight side sleeper. The same seems to happen for heavy set stomach sleepers, but anyone in between will have a good time.


Looking at the incredible number of layers DreamCloud features, we can’t help but think about the story with the Princess and the Pea. Not in the sense that it won’t be comfortable but, in the sense, that it was designed for even the most sensitive of sleepers.

From top to bottom, these are the layers that make this mattress feel like a cloud:

  • Cashmere Blend Euro Top (Tufted): Your first encounter with the mattress happens on a soft, breathable, luxurious surface that you can feel through your bedding;
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam: Designed to provide contouring and support;
  • Super Soft Quilted Memory Foam: This is the layer that has you sleeping on clouds and dreaming big (unique on the mattress market);
  • Natural Latex: The layer that gives the mattress a nice bounce and the one responsible for good support, durability, and hypoallergenic properties;
  • Memory Foam: It’s high density memory foam that contours to your unique body shape and moves just as you move;
  • Super Dense Super Soft Memory Foam: A layer to accommodate everyone, regardless of sleeping preferences;
  • Coils: Here, we have a pocketed micro coil compression system encased in foam that responds to your movements in five different zones. This layer is here to provide motion isolation and bounce while keeping the entire surface ventilated;
  • High Density Super Soft Memory Foam: The base is a big layer of durable foam, that absorbs any movement left unattended to by the layers on top.


Considering the number of layers, you can’t expect DreamCloud to be a soft mattress. The level of firmness is medium (6.5) and has a healthy bounce to it that makes the mattress great for sleeping and other bedroom activities.

The good news is that the multitude of layers allows the bed to offer high-quality sleep for most heavy set people. (a market segment many producers tend to avoid).

Sleeping Temperature

The producer put in place several layers for cooling and ventilation, so the mattress doesn’t get hot during the night. Furthermore, the memory foam is of high-quality and allows the air to move through the surface without capturing any of the heat in the structure.

Other Features

Besides the incredible level of comfort, DreamCloud also offers free shipping, 365 days sleeping trial, and forever long warranty. What more could you ask for?

After having tested it and talking to real-life users, we agree that the bed is true to its word. This is indeed one of the most comfortable luxurious mattresses at an affordable price on the market!