Have you been looking at cheapest RC cars that you can purchase? Perhaps you have wanted to buy one, but they are very expensive. People that purchase these remote control cars are looking for something that will provide them with fun at an affordable price. Here is a quick overview of some of the cheapest RC cars that are very good, despite having a lower price. As you will see, cost does not limit the capabilities of many of these RC cars, and you may want to pick one up for yourself.

Cheap but Fast: QUN FENG Electric RC Car-Lamborghini Veneno

Cheapest Remote Control Vehicle

There is a cheap fast RC car that you can purchase that is actually in the form of a Lamborghini. It is called the QUN FENG Electric RC Car-Lamborghini Veneno. If you are a fan of this vehicle which is well known worldwide for its incredible speed and unique appearance, you may want to consider getting this RC car because of the price. The headlights will glow, allowing you to race this at night. It is designed with the exact dimensions. The wheels are designed with high quality rubber and require three AA batteries to operate. It is one of the more realistic RC cars that you will ever see, but despite being patterned after a Lamborghini, it’s not that fast. Reaching a top speed of about 10 mph, you might want to pay a little extra for something with a little more gusto. If you would like to purchase it, it’s priced at under $20.

Affordable: KOOWHEEL RC Car

This is designed to look like a realistic desert buggy. It is also built to scale. It is the perfect vehicle for going out on the beach, or over the slightly rough terrain. It goes a little faster than the Lamborghini, reaching a speed of 12 mph. It has rechargeable batteries that will last about 15 minutes and is priced at just over $40. If you have kids that are going to be playing on the beach with you, or if you are going for a walk in the woods, this is something that you can bring along. Although it cannot go over extremely rocky terrain, it will hold its own on dirt and sandy surfaces.

RC Car For Sale Cheap: Velocity Toys Scale RTR GT3 Racer Supercar

This RC is designed to mimic stock cars that race around tracks. Priced at under $50, it’s just a little more expensive than the off-road RC car just discussed. It has a rechargeable lithium battery, and it can reach speeds of up to 15 mph. It has a very durable frame, with semi-pneumatic wheels, and rubber grip tires, allowing you to go around corners very easily. This is for people that prefer stock-car racing, and would not take their RC vehicle off of the pavement. Although it does not have an extremely high speed, it still perfect for kids or adults that are just learning how to use these. You can upgrade at a later point, but until that time, this particular RC vehicle is a great one to own to prepare you for something that will be faster.

Cheapest and Fun: SZJJX Air-Ground Quadcopter RC Drone Flying Car

This is probably the best deal that you will get out of all of the ones available this year. This is an RC car that can also fly in the air. It is a unique design, one that allows you to drive your RC car at high speeds, but its main purpose is to provide this dual ability which allows it to fly into the air. It is capable of doing flips, rolls, and is very easy to control. If you get bored of raising it on the ground, you can fly it in the air which will be fun for both children and adults. Priced at just over $52, this is one of the best bargains that you will find on the market today. This is a great transitional RC car for a couple of reasons. If you have ever wanted to use a drone, but you have not been able to afford one, this RC car can help you with that. Likewise, if you would like a basic RC car so that you can learn how to use the controls before upgrading to a larger one, this is a great starter remote controlled vehicle that you will enjoy whether it is on the ground or flying through the air.

For those that are looking for cheap remote control cars, those that are priced at around $50 or less, these are the best ones that you can purchase. If you pay a little bit more money, you are going to get higher speeds and capabilities, but one of these four RC cars will likely fit your budget and also provide you with the exact features that you would like to see on a remote-controlled vehicle.