Big Fig Mattress

Every other day, a new company is popping up by the block with a mattress brand claiming to give you a stress-free night and all the whatnots. Some of these are able to deliver on their promises while some are just pure sham and customers end up getting less value.

But in all these hullabaloos, a special category of persons seem to suffer most – the Big Sized Dory! But exactly how is the plus-sized individual left out in the bed industry?

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Consider person A from this group going for a foam bed mattress. If you’ve been lucky or unlucky enough to lie on such a bed, you can bear me witness how most brands come up with beds that sag immediately once you lie on them. This is an irritant to most individuals who end up experiencing more discomfort during the night as the bed reshapes to their figure. If heavyweight person A decides to go for a firmer bed, that will be extra misery and those who do will tell a tale of stiffness. Such a person requires a bed option that offers support for the extra weight as well as comfort and smoothness all at the same time.

The Solution

This is where Big Fig Mattress comes into the picture – the ideal mattress for the big figure and the extra pounds. The young father-daughter company formed back in 2016 has been an answer to thousands of individuals, including well-upholstered couples who keep spending money every other year after theirs suffer from depreciation. As a matter of fact, it can support weights from 500lbs to 1000lbs and still offer comfort and durability. It becomes ideal since people who are within normal weight limits can also opt to purchase a Big Fig mattress and still enjoy the durability.

Mattress Construction

Big Fig mattress is a hybrid mattress constituting of 3 comfort layers: the top is made of ventilated latex; the second consists of 1.8 PCF high-density foam; the third and fourth are layers of 2.5 PCF high-density polyfoam. The mattress is ingratiated with up to 1600 individually wrapped coils made of thick gauge spring steel for an extra bouncy feel and also to boost the support. Few mattress companies can boast of such high-end design in construction.

The hand-knit fabric covers are infused with gel material that greatly minimizes instances of sleeping hot. This is yet another feature that has had customers showing extra love for this brand – you can easily tell from the reviews.

Perhaps you are still wondering how all these are supposed to offer you the much-needed support for all your weight. Big Fig Mattress presents you a firm foundation of 18, 2.5 inch wide slats that will greatly slacken your bed’s depreciation rate. The bed frame, made of recycled railroad steel, promises to support up to 2000lbs for quite a long time.

Other Features & Added Information

There is a reason why Big Fig mattresses are made for people with big figures. While the bed is meant to offer medium level firmness, other buyers of lesser weight have often suggested that the beds are too firm for them. This set of individuals experience pressure points on different parts of the body – especially those who sleep on their sides.

The fun doesn’t end there for prospective buyers – you will be pleased to know that this brand offers you a whole 20-year warranty period for your beds. A comparison with other mattress brands also shows how moderate Big Fig’s mattress prices are. You can rest assured that you’re getting more than top-notch value for much less. What more could you possibly ask for when you have the sleep companion that takes care of you as it should?