Are you looking for the best RC trucks on the market? Maybe you want to offer it as a gift (to a child or one of your friends), or you simply want to widen your collection. In any case, RC trucks are impressive and stir up passions you didn’t even know about.

So, if you want to win the next race, I reviewed the top remote control trucks to buy. These are premium designs, but I made sure to include both non-expensive models and pricier ones. So there’s one truck for everyone!

4.9 / 5

4.8 / 5

4.8 / 5

4.8 / 5

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Iron Track Electric Mastadon (Editor’s Choice)

Tires: 4 high-traction multi-block tires

Motor: 3700kv Brushless Motor

Battery: 7.4v 1500mah 25C continuous 40C burst Battery

Remote control system: 2.4GHz radio system

ESC: 18A Brushless Electronic Speed Controller

Special features: 1.1kg Precision Steering Servo, C-hub steering knuckles, 4WD shaft is driven drive train, Low friction ball raced bearing, Fully independent double A-arm wishbone suspension

The 1/18 Mastadon Truck from Iron Track is the perfect gift for both a 5-year-old and a 30-year-old! While it’s true that it is a small-scale truck, it looks big and comes with all the features you’d find in a big truck (1/10).

The body is a pre-cut piece of durable plastic painted in attractive colors and wearing the name of the truck in big, bold letters.  Iron Truck decided plastic is the best choice as it is lightweight and protects the inner workings a lot better than any other materials.

The next thing you see on this truck are the wheels. These are oversized in comparison with the body, but they look bad ass enough to let this slide. The wheels are 68mm in diameter and 35mm in width and support 5 gorgeous spoke wheels.

Behind the wheels, you can easily see the oil-filled shocks (equipped with progressive springs) which, besides looking amazing, are great at cushioning any hard blows while driving over rough terrains. Even more, to protect the internal structure, the truck is rigged with special titanium anodized shock caps.

The chassis is compact, durable and implements an optimized weight distribution system that allows your small truck to challenge bigger truck to an adrenaline-filling wheel-to-wheel action in your backyard.

I also like the twin point steering with integrated servo saver and the shaft driven 4WD and durable differentials.

One word of caution: the receiver is not waterproof so be careful when driving your truck through puddles or snow.


  • Small and lightweight but powerful
  • Great design
  • Big wheels that do a fantastic job
  • Features that are usually found only on big trucks
  • Brushless motor


  • Battery may fall due to bad design of battery compartment
  • Suspension linkage is very thin and looks fragile
  • It doesn’t come with a charger
  • There is no height adjustment

Traxxas RTR 1/10 Monster Summit (Best RC Truck)

Tires: Canyon AT™ tires

Motor: Titan® 775 motor

Battery: Two Traxxas NiMH batteries (included)

Remote control system: TQ 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter and micro receiver

ESC: EVX-2™ electronic speed control

Special features: Proprietary transmitter-operated remote locking differential, Dual-CV telescoping half shafts, 17mm splined aluminum hex hubs, long-travel suspension

The Monster Summit truck in my option on RC Rank is a technological marvel on four wheels! In my opinion, it is one of the best RC trucks on the market right now as it is resilient, extremely interesting and fun. This is the kind of truck that not only looks good, but it will also keep you and your family or friends busy for a long time.

The design is impressive, and it features three main elements:

  • A plastic body made out of a one-piece hard plastic segment,
  • An ExoCage that has a protective role,
  • The bottom side where you can see the wheels, the chassis and most of the inner workings.

Put together these three parts create one beautiful truck that can take on puddles, mud, and snow.

I like the fact that this truck comes with some pretty innovative technology such as the ability to lock the differentials using your remote control. The transmitter can also shift from low to high gear and from high to low gear. This is a great improvement considering that on other trucks you have to stop for this operation. By not stopping, you have a precious advantage in front of your competition.

Monster Summit is the kind of truck you want in a race as it will go wherever you need, following your exact commands. The truck is a versatile, durable, and as bad ass as possible. It is, without doubt, one of the best RC trucks for the money!


  • Tons of innovative technology from Traxxas
  • The differentials can be locked via transmitter
  • Electronic part is waterproof
  • It takes up on any challenge due to the powerful motor and well-design chassis


  • No battery charger included
  • Long charging time
  • Drive shafts are a bit fragile

Exceed RC Electric Infinitive Offroad Truck Sava (Most Affordable)

Tires: 120mm in diameter

Motor: 540 Brushed

Battery: 7.2v 1800mah Ni-MH

Remote control system: 2.4GHz transmitter/receiver system

ESC: 45Amp Brushless

Special features: Adjustable front and rear suspension, Anodized aluminum radio tray, 8 adjustable shocks, Reinforced front/rear bumper

The Exceed RC Infinitive EP Monster Truck is a great starter truck and goes well as a gift for an 8-year-old. Of course, you can also add it to your collection as it is durable and powerful, but I am not extremely impressed by the design – it is a beautiful truck, but I don’t find the wow factor in it.

It is best for beginners because it will easily take any shocks you can throw at it. It takes well on tall grass, and you can adjust the maximum speed (for smaller kids). Even more, parts are available on almost any online store, so it’s easy to fix any broken elements.

The truck features high ground clearance (about 2 inches), and the big wheels are the perfect pair when it comes to going over obstacles and fighting through muddy terrains. Finally, the metal geared differentials (front and back) and the aluminum drive shaft speak of increased power and durability.

The battery will hold on for about 20 minutes, and it takes about 4 hours to charge, so I recommend getting a few spare ones (especially if you’re taking this for a kid).

The transmitter is included in the package, but it doesn’t come with the necessary AA batteries. Still, once you have it functional, you’ll see that you can adjust the throttle and steering for the best power delivery system.

So, if you are looking for a starter truck that is both reliable and durable regardless of terrain conditions, the Exceed RC Infinitive EP Monster Truck is the best one for sale on the market. But wouldn’t it be great to have both a truck and a helicopter? I have both and it’s a great way to keep two people occupied. Find out what my 10 helicopter reviews for adults are.


  • Durable build
  • Spare parts are readily available
  • Affordable
  • A lot of fun to use
  • Looks good


  • Charging time is long – you’ll need extra batteries
  • The design is not impressive

Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX (Durable Vehicle)

Battery life: 15 to 20 minutes (3h charging time)

Motor: Electric brushed 27T 540 motor

Battery: 7.2v 2000mah Ni-MH

Remote control system: 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Radio with Forward and Reverse

ESC: Forward/reverse ESC

Special features: Aluminum capped oil filled shocks, waterproof electronics, high torque servo

The 1/10 Volcano EPX Truck from Redcat Racing is a great acquisition for both children and adults. It looks great, it is powerful, and comes with some very interesting features that make it a lot of fun to play. Even more, it is affordable being one of the best RC trucks under 200 dollars on the market.

The polycarbonate body is flexible and resistant to scratches, shocks, and dirt. These features are more than necessary when we’re discussing the body of a racing truck that is bound to reach a puddle or two. Especially for this scenario, the guys at the Redcat Racing made all the electronics (servo, ESC, and receiver) waterproof.

The truck comes in two-color versions (blue and red), and most of the parts are changeable (in case of accidents) and easy to find for sale in many only stores.

One element to admire is the transmitter (included in the package). It has the necessary controls for forward and reverses, steering and throttle trim, steering adjustments, and more. You can use it on over ten compatible vehicles, so it’s a very nice thing to have around when you’re an RC passionate.

Volcano EPX comes ready to run from the box (batteries and charger included), but you will need to buy the necessary AA batteries for the transmitter.

The full-time 4WD system, the 30mm ground clearance, and the Qty 8 Aluminum Capped Oil Filled Shocks stand strong and speak of the power and durability of this amazing truck. It will climb hills and swim through dirt and mud following all your controls regarding terrain conditions. If you like all the terrains I would suggest adding a bout to any RC collection. Find out my premium R/C boat list and recommendations.


  • Reaches up to 20 – 25 mph speed
  • Durable body that is resistant to most shocks
  • Readily available spare parts
  • Battery life is about 15 to 20 minutes
  • It can run in high grass


  • Battery charging time is too long
  • Wheel bearing is made of plastic

Cheerwing Remote Control Car Short Course Truck

Tires: Diameter: 2.95 inches (75mm)

Motor: 390 Brushed Motor

Battery: 7.4V 1500mAh Rechargeable Li-Po

Remote control system: 2.4GHz Radio Control System

ESC: Waterproof Brushed Electronic Speed Control

Special features: Dual-Bellcrank with Integrated Servo Saver, four-wheel independent suspension.

Cheerwing is one of the best brands in remote-controlled vehicles so it’s absolutely normal that their latest product would be a great one. The Rocket is shaft-driven 4WD Brush RC Short-Range RC SUV at a 1/16 scale. It can reach up to 30mph and it implements features such as shock dampers, alloy cap, and full four-direction control.

The body is made out of a combination of metal, plastic, and nylon, and it features the lines and general design of a racing car. It is easy to maneuver due to the drive system, and it is quite resistant to water, mud, and dirt in general.

I like the design and the fact that it comes in two color versions: red and yellow. Even more, the transmitter can be used on multiple cars without interferences, which is a nice touch.

The Rocket truck is ready to use from the box as it is on sale with anything you need (transmitter and battery included). You’ll still have to buy the AA batteries for the transmitter, but this is not a big deal. Even more, the battery will last for about 20 – 25 minutes, but it takes 2h to charge, so I recommend getting at least one spare.

Overall, for under 100 dollars, this is a great truck for kids and teenagers!


  • Body is resistant to shocks and accidents
  • The design is great
  • It comes in two color versions
  • The transmitter is easy to use
  • 4WD transmission with independent suspensions
  • 30mph high speed
  • Comes with all the necessary equipment


  • You may need a second battery
  • The shocks are not oil filled (as the producer claims)

Traxxas RTR 1/10 Slash (Super for Kids and Beginners)

Tires: Mounted on satin-finish 2.2″ Slash wheels

Motor: Titan® 12-Turn 550 modified motor

Battery: Power Cell, 3000mAh, 7-cell, 8.4V Ni-MH battery

Remote control system: 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver

ESC: XL-5 waterproof electronic speed control

Special features: Receiver box and steering servo are water-sealed, Metal gear Magnum 272 transmission

The Slash Short-Course Race Truck from Traxxas is an award-winning model, and it made a name for itself due to a unique and powerful combination of durability and high speed. This truck is a beast in all aspects, and it will fly even when set to run at half speed.

I honestly like it for the best RC Truck for sale title! If you don’t know why let me tell you. First, the 4-wheel independent suspension gives you amazing control over turns and jumps. Second, the tires are specially designed to bite the dust and mud and offer the perfect amount of traction the truck needs to be the first in every race. And finally, the general design is just amazing! This truck is asking for a race as soon as you get it out of the box.

The body is a combination of plastic and metal, and I love that they actually gave this car a shape. There are curves and beautiful lines that make you think about an expensive truck. And you would be right! You can’t find the Slash for under 300 dollars like you would some of the options I already discussed.

The Slash 2WD RTR comes completely equipped, and you only need to buy 4 AA batteries for the transmitters. Still, you won’t be able to start a race as soon as you get the truck because you’ll need to charge the battery. This takes about 7 to 8 hours (I know, not so fun, right?).

If you want to give this to a child or a beginner, I recommend setting the ESC to training mode. This limits the speed to half and protects both the truck and the objects around from being trampled. In training mode, you can get up to 20mph.

Finally, I like the Slash truck because it is durable. The big tires keep the body safe but the plastic used to mold the upper side is hard and resistant to shocks.

Before I complete this review, I want to let you know that this is a great truck for your collection. It comes in several versions of color, and each is named after famous race pilots. Most feature a beautiful combination of gray, red, and black in various nuances and they will look amazing in one’s collection!


  • Durable build
  • Powerful battery
  • Lots of speed
  • Gorgeous design
  • Training mode for beginners and children
  • Comes equipped with everything


  • Long battery charging time
  • A bit expensive

GP – NextX S911 1/12 (Fastest Off-Road Monster Vehicle)

Tires: Big rubber tires that can be replaced

Motor: 390 brushed motor

Battery: 2 x 9.6V, 800mAh Li-Ion (rechargeable)

Remote control system: 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver

ESC: Supported

Special features: 30-day money back guarantee, 12-month warranty for replacing parts, lifetime support guarantee, S-truck suspension technology remote control

The NextX Off Road Monster Truck may not be the best RC monster truck in the world, but it is a nice truck you can buy for under 100 dollars.

It comes with a beautifully designed body, a strong, powerful chassis that features shocks with progressive springs and a 2WD drive shaft (rear), and an extra battery already included in the package. Even more, the customer service and warranty provided by the producer are quite impressive. In my opinion, such support only comes when the manufacturer is certain their product is of high-quality.

The upper side is made of hard plastic, and the inner workings are water resistant. However, I like the rubber tires the most. These are big and wide and look like they can withstand both mud and snow.

The NextX Off Road Monster Truck is powerful and can get to over 35mph. It is also easy to control due to the S-truck suspension technology that can be controlled remotely and the handling control which is superior to many trucks in this price class. The 2WD drive system is great for climbing hills and defeating your opponents when things get muddy.

If you think this truck might be a bit too fast to leave it the hands of a child, then you should know that the remote control specially equipped to be driven by children. It has some of the best safety gear that will keep the truck from overcharging or overheating.


  • It comes completely equipped
  • It has an extra battery
  • The truck looks great
  • It features a solid and durable body
  • Equipped with safety gear for children
  • High speed (35+ mph)


  • Short driving time (about 10 minutes)

Exceed RC Electric Rally Monster RTR Off Road (Must Have)

Motor: 540 with Heat Sink

Battery: 7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH

Remote control system: 2.4GHz radio transmitter & receiver

Special features: Oil filled shocks, firmly tuned springs, lightweight suspension arms, 4WD

The Rally Monster EP is quite an impressive RC truck! Featuring the 1/10 scale, this truck comes with a revolutionary 2.4 GHz radio system that allows you to play with your friends without worrying about interferences.

You can start the race as soon as the truck is delivered as it comes with everything you need. All you have to do is add batteries to the transmitter, and you’re good to go! The 4-wheel drive system is amazing when it comes to maneuverability, and the car follows your every command without lags or hiccups.

I also like the bad ass design! You don’t get to see such a nicely designed truck in the $100 price range. The body is made out of durable plastic, and it is nicely painted with a combination of white, gray and red offering a true racing impression. Even more, the front bumper is quite impressive and will do its job in protecting the truck from serious damages.

Both the front and the rear differentials can be easily accessed for maintenance, which is very important if you plan on driving your truck outside. And finally, the battery is powerful enough to give you about 15 to 20 minutes of fun with this truck. Of course, you can get a more powerful battery if you want it to last longer.

It will work on any surface, but if you want to run it through tall grass, I recommend getting bigger wheels. I also like that it’s easy to get high-quality spare parts.


  • Great design
  • High-quality parts
  • Durable and easy to run on any surface
  • Goes up to 20mph
  • Comes ready to run out from the box
  • Max speed can be limited by the remote control


  • Low to the ground
  • Battery life is short
  • Front bumper is not as durable

ECX Electrix 03028T2 AMP MT 2WD Monster RTR Truck  (Awesome for Wet Terrain) 

Tires: 4.3 in (110mm) All-terrain

Motor: 540 20T brushed motor

Battery: Dynamite 7.2V 1800 mAh Ni-MH (rechargeable and included)

Remote control system: Full range 2.4GHz transmitter, two channels

ESC: Included

Special features: Waterproof electronics, Oil-filled shocks

The AMP Monster Truck is the RC beast you want in your team when racing against the best trucks on rough terrain. It is highly capable in facing more advanced opponents, and it doesn’t back down from any challenge.

To make sure nothing goes wrong, the electronic components are waterproof, and the nylon composite chassis is perfectly designed to resist any shock. Even more, the oil-filled shocks protect the rest of the truck from bumps and shakes.

The tires are big and wide, so they will be capable of carrying the car wherever you want it to go. These tires are designed to go through mud and snow, but won’t shy away from the asphalt either. This way, the AMP Monster Truck has the necessary traction in any situation.

I like the fact that it’s easy to upgrade. Actually, the first upgrade I would recommend is a stronger battery (5100mAh), a more capable ESC (60Amp), and a more powerful and modern motor (4300KV Brushless design).

The unit comes with both battery and transmitter included, but you still need to buy the AA batteries needed for the transmitter.


  • Durable design
  • Flexible and solid chassis
  • Features advanced technology
  • Great price
  • Can be easily upgraded
  • It looks great in an outdoor race


  • Plastic gear transmission
  • ESC may overheat in some cases

ECX Ruckus (Top 4WD for Rough Terrain)

Motor: Dynamite® 380 size brushed

Battery: Dynamite® 6-cell 900mAh NiMH (included)

Remote control system: ECX® 2.4Ghz radio system

ESC: Waterproof receiver / ESC combo

Special features: 4WD shaft driven platform, Oil filled shocks

The Ruckus from ECX may be a small truck (1/18 scale), but it’s no less powerful than the other models I specified. It is also durable due to the nylon composite material used to design it. This type of material absorbs shocks and doesn’t break easily increasing the truck’s resistance to accidents and bumps.

This level of durability makes it great for both children and beginners. This means that the car won’t get too many scratches while you learn to control the remote and the truck.

Since it is small, I recommend organizing races in a fenced area, such as your backyard. This way you don’t run the risk of sending it too far or losing it in a ditch somewhere.

One thing I like is the entire package. The ECX Ruckus is delivered with everything you need, including the AA batteries for the transmitter. Speaking of which, the transmitter is designed to work on two channels so, if you have two children, both wanting the same car, they can use the same transmitter.

The 4WD system and the efficient gear differential do an amazing job when you’re driving over rough terrain. Even more, the oil-filled shocks allow Ruckus to jump as high as needed.

The battery tray is placed at the bottom of the truck, but it is water-sealed just like the rest of the electronics. However, because the tray is small, you won’t be able to add a bigger battery for a longer runtime.


  • Rugged design
  • Resistant to shocks and rough terrain
  • Good speed
  • Performs well on different surfaces
  • Great for beginners and children


  • The included charger is slow
  • You can’t add a bigger battery