Typically, when you are in the market to buy an RC vehicle RC vehicle – hobby or toy-grade, you will be faced with the question of what kind of RC vehicle best suits your need. Of the very many types that exist, between the two wheel and four wheel drives or flying contraptions, tanks happen to be a more interesting kind of remote control vehicle. But not in all the right ways, because it seems like an unpopular choice of sorts – but its association with war certainly doesn’t help its appeal. Nonetheless, the tanks manage to make a statement in a way that R/C cars and flying contraptions cannot.

So, what makes remote controlled tanks stand out in the crowd?

For one, you can play around with the idea of having an actual war in your living room. Hopefully, it won’t morph into a real war, but will be a simulated representation of one that may prove to be quite the thrilling experience for you; not to mention, the perfect and engaging kind of entertainment for your kids. So even if it seems like the unlikely of things – you would be enacting a war, of the fun kind.

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What You Should Know About RC Tanks

  • Finding the best RC tank for you depends more on your intentions than anything else. Ultimately, your final decision should focus more on what your needs are, and what is guaranteed to give you the best remote control experience possible.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, remote controlled tanks are not dangerous, but far from it – they are a lot of fun.
  • You might assume otherwise, but not all tanks take to hard surfaces well. For some, no terrain is a bigger challenge than they can handle, but for others – smooth is the only way to go. Before deciding on what to buy, confirm that it has all the features that you are looking for in an R/C Tank.
  • Some manufacturers generously include features such as smoking and shooting to enhance the realism of the design. If you choose a design in this category, you might need to dedicate some time to cleaning and maintenance to ensure that its parts work well.

Overwhelmed with options? We are more than glad to help.

Here is a look at ten best, (and our favorite) RC Tanks for sale –


7Tech RC Tank Battle Stunt Car (Beginners Pick)

What you will find most intriguing about the 7Tech Tank is the fact that is is quite difficult to point out just one favorite thing about the car. I find myself a little stuck between its LED lights which seem to have a futuristic feel to it and the fact that somehow technology has managed to fit a war machine into the palm of my hand. Is technology quite the head-turner isn’t she?

Well, the 7Tech defiantly is; that bit I am sure of.

And with providing 20-25 minutes of play time with every charge – and responsive controls, so that you do not waste any of your precious minutes trying to figure out its function – and the realistic automated voice that yells ‘fire!” when you are just about to shoot – well, you have the perfect remote control here; no questions asked.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: 7Tech

Name: 7Tech Battle Stunt

Dimensions: 8.7 × 5.1 × 6.3 Inches

Weight: 1.9 Pounds

Recommended Age: 8 Years and Up

Other Features: LED Lights, 3600 flips

But besides its rechargeable battery that provides up to 20-25 minutes of running, what is even more exciting about the 7Tech is its potential to do anything with its lightweight design. It can move in some directions and turn up to 3600 dazzling you with its impressive entertaining abilities, as well as a remote control range that doesn’t limit the fun.

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  • It comes in a compact design
  • The 7Tech is quite portable
  • It has LED lights that are both functional and dazzling but futuristic.
  • The car can perform 3600 flips


  • It does not come with batteries
  • The automatic sound feature is quite loud – and there is no option to turn it off.


M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank RC (Best For Big Kids & Adults)

Modeled after the M1A2 Abrams US battle tank, the M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank is a power house within its rights. The 1/24 scale vehicle might seem like quite the small RC until it begins to show off technology that is – well, bigger than its size.

It boasts of quite a few realistic controls including the ability to hold up to 50 of its R/C pellets that serve as bullets and an automatic voice control engine, with a little recoil action just to further enhance the experience it provides.

And just to take it’s a notch higher, the M1A2 Abrams can achieve a 30o climbing angle, even while providing its usual features and functionalities – and exploring its speed capabilities.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Amazing Tech Dept

Name: M1A2 Abrams USA Battle

Dimensions: 20.2× 13.2× 6.5 Inches

Weight: 5.1 Pounds

Recommended Age: 14 Years and Up

Other Features: 9ft Firing Range, Simulative Engine and Canon Sound, Recoil action 1/24 scale

The Abrams comes RTR kitted in full military regalia like a ready solider would – and with a fully equipped engine to give a little fire to the barrel that houses those bullets we talked about earlier – you certainly won’t find too many remote control tanks for sale that are as realistic as these are.


  • It features realistic sound effects
  • Has bullet range of up to 20ft
  • Easy to use and responsive controls
  • Its battery life is quite reliable


  • Its tracks are prone to slipping
  • The sound effects cannot be turned off.


Cheerwing German Tiger I Panzer Tank (Coolest Camouflage)

The size on this bad-boy might make it hard to believe that is was designed after a German Tank used in 1842 during WWII.

But don’t be fooled.

A Tiger 1 Panzer Tank is anything but ill-equipped. Small no doubt, but its size doesn’t limit its features by any standard. It comes fully assembled and does quite a remarkable job at replicating the properties and features of its larger scale, real-life inspiration.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Cheerwing

Name Cheerwing 1:72 German Tiger I Panzer Tank

Dimensions: 6 × 6× 2.5 Inches

Weight: 11.2 Ounces

Recommended Age: 8 Years and Up

Other Features: 360o Degree rotating Turret, Realistic Engine

You will find that it does quite an excellent job of navigating different surfaces despite its size. It may not tolerate too much of a beating, but it manages to surmount quite a few obstacles while making its way around – and it certainly does a good job at it.


  • Features realistic gun sounds
  • Has a built in 3.7v 110mAh battery
  • Its gun barrel can move


  • Tracks remove quickly (although they are meant to be detachable)
  • Engine sounds cannot be turned off.


MIA2 Abrams an Air Soft RC Battle Tank (Smoke & Sound)

The MIA2 Abrams Battle Tank is also a 1/16 scale replica of the M1A2 Abrams Tank, originally designed as a war machine specially designated for warfare on the ground. It takes permanent residence in the heart of R/C tank enthusiasts because of its simulations that recreate realistic combat situations, including impressive sound effects that include much-revered cannon fire sounds and smoke just to add a touch of realism to its use.

It goes even further to feature radio control which allows the tank to move in multiple directions, as well as allows the more unusual spinning movements and the elevation of the gun barrel. While the Tank is jet fuel powered, it offers a full 20 minutes of play time on each charge, providing quite a few speed options to make it a pick with the potential to be versatile in use.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Henglong

Name: MIA2 Abrams an Air Soft RC Battle Tank (Smoke & Sound)

Dimensions: 23 × 8× 9 Inches


Recommended Age: 14 Years and Up

Other Features: Latest 2.4G system V4.0 built in and Full Suspension 1/16 scale.


  • Features realistic sound effects – and a little smoke (you’re welcome!)
  • Battery range is more than 9ft
  • Unique details


  • Tracks are prone to slipping off (much like its counterparts)


Liberty Imports Deluxe (Awesome For Indoor Battles)

Do you want to know the best thing about the Liberty Imports tanks? Well, there is certainly nothing as satisfying as having an RC pair of tanks for slightly over the price of one.

Each set of the fighting battle tanks comes with two tanks, both of which both operate at different frequencies so that users have the rare opportunity to have fun without interfering with the operations of their partners own fun.

Product Specs

Name: Liberty Imports Deluxe RC Fighting Battle Tanks

Dimensions: 15.1 × 9.4× 7 Inches

Weight: 3.9 pounds

Recommended Age: 3 Years and Up

Other Features: Set of 2 Infrared Remote Control Battle, Rotating turret

What you are guaranteed to love about the Deluxe RC Fighting Battle Tanks (besides the fact you can actually do some real damage to enemy battleships) is the fact that both tanks when fully charged are equipped with up to four lives; these are indicated by their 4 LED indicators – and when these lights are all off, the game is over. Not to mention, it comes with rechargeable battery packs, with two chargers.


  • Comes fully packed with everything you need (Including batteries)
  • 4 LED indicators for each tank.


  • Takes a while to charge the batteries.


Tower-Pro 2 Set RC Battle Tank (Top For Under $100)

The real fun about RC tanks is when everybody gets a little piece of what an RC toy has to offer, and this set has been generously equipped to ensure that the whole family gets in on all the action.

With the Tower-Pro 2 Set RC Battle Tank set, you get two battle tanks in one pack, LED indicator for ‘lives’ and impressive sound effects so that you can enjoy your simulation fight without a care in the world.

The tank also has a remote control range of over 8m and allows more than ten tanks to battle at once without a chance for interference – So, if can you whip up a few bucks, you and your friends/family could have an entire fleet of RC tanks for maximum, all involved fun.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: TowerPro

Name: TowerPro 2 Set RC Battle Tank

Dimensions: 19.5 × 10.4× 4 Inches

Weight: 2.4 pounds

Recommended Age: 8 Years and Up

Other Features: LED Indicators, 2.4GHz Technology


  • 4 GHz technology
  • Remote control distance of more than 8m
  • All batteries included.


  • Tracks come off quite quickly
  • Signals may get in the way of each other ( if you bring the Tanks too close together).


Gamzoo Tank Building Bricks (Number One Toy For Kids)

The Gamzoo Building Bricks Construction Toy comes in a kit that includes various parts for set up including 457 brick pieces; and what better way is there to stimulate the senses of your little colonel – while fostering interaction between you two?

If you purchase the construction toy, you’ll find that it comes accompanied by USB rechargeable battery and is made from safe skin plastic, offering an assurance of your kid’s safety during building.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Gamzoo

Name: Gamzoo RC Tank Building Bricks Construction Toy

Dimensions: 20.5 × 14.5× 2.6 Inches

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Recommended Age: 6 Years and Up

Other Features: 360-degree turning Barbette, 2.4Ghz radio controls


  • Made of durable and skin-safe plastic
  • Features a 2.4GHz radio
  • The battery is USB rechargeable


  • Pieces could easily go missing.
  • No AA batteries


GoolRC Mini i-spy Tank (Most Excellent For The Money)

If the future was a light-weight RC tank with an efficient battery that has up to 40 minutes of running time after each charge – the GoolRC Mini i-spy Tank is the future. And if you find it on sale, anywhere – don’t resist the urge to grab with both hands and make a run for it (after you pay of course).

The lightweight design of the GoolRC makes it both flexible and sturdy. And with this bad-boy, you certainly can’t go wrong, considering it has the much-desired feature of being able to be operated using your Android device.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: GoolRC

Name: GoolRC Mini i-spy

Dimensions: 4.7× 3.9× 2.4 Inches

Weight: 5.8 Ounces

Recommended Age: –

Other Features: Wireless Wifi remote control, 0.3MP camera

Don’t forget that every military consists not just of tanks, but boats too, you can read my recommend remote control boat reviews that I did a few weeks ago.


  • Light-weight and compact design
  • Advanced features that you would rarely find on other RC’s


  • It may over heat and halt spontaneously because of its many features.
  • The controller deteriorates too easily


German Tiger I Battle Tank (Greatest WWII Replica)

The German Tiger Battle tank is set apart from the competitive RC market by featuring a vast number of programming features peculiar to the German Tiger and exterior features including a gear and tracks that confer its ability to move in various directions, as well as the capacity for gun elevation.

Its radio frequency can also be altered to lower the likelihood of having other tanks interfere with your fun, and allow for multiplayer games with the Tank and another battle tank.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Amazing Tech Depot

Name: German Tiger I Battle Tank

Dimensions: 20.5× 14.1× 7.8 Inches

Weight: 6 Pounds

Recommended Age: 14 years and up

Other Features: 9ft Firing range, High gripping caterpillar

It also features simulated features that make it the ultimate war Tanker. But I would suggest having a helicopter with your military collection. Find out the who is the champion RC helicopter in the sky.


  • Extensive remote range
  • Realistic tank sounds


  • You cannot rely on the manual for assembly
  • Not ideal for outdoor use


Rover 2.0 AppControlled Wireless Spy Tank (Best For Under $200)

A Night vision spy RC tank?

Yes, please.

But the Rover 2.0 AppControlled Wireless Spy Tank does even a little more than you would expect it to – especially regarding being a Night vision spy RC. Some would even consider it an over performer of sorts. You can pretty much send it on various adventures, and it will allow you to interact with all its findings and activities with its camera which lets you see what it does and can see.

It also features a seamless Wi-fi connection, which allows you to connect and drive your RC tank without much interference.

Product Specs

Manufacturer: Brookstone

Name: Rover 2.0 AppControlled Wireless Spy Tank

Dimensions: 15.6× 5.3× 11.7 Inches

Weight: 4.1 Pounds

Recommended Age: 14 years and up

Other Features: Route memory, 2-way audio, Wide-angle video camera with night infrared vision.

But don’t think that these advanced tech features make it any less hardcore than its counterpart. The Rover scales impressive heights and has a route memory that lets you record and repeats particular command – so, you don’t have to worry that it will lose track of your instructions.


  • Audio system
  • Advanced tech features
  • Video camera with infrared vision


  • Quite slow
  • Not for outdoor use.



You don’t have to be a War machinery enthusiast to enjoy playing with RC tanks. They are the ultimate RC vehicle – but are perfect for all people; of different ages and gender. And if you choose smartly, you will sooner than later realize that you have quite the new gentle obsession.