I have been a fan of RC tractors ever since I was a kid.  The features and capabilities of a remote controlled tractor are far more advanced than most remote controlled toys, which sparked the creativity in children (and even adults!) and makes playing with the tractor super fun.

There are several models of RC tractors in the market at the time of writing this article. Some are sophisticated, having been ditto modeled after real life tractors, while others are just basic in nature, only being able to move in the four directions.

If it is the first time you are trying to find a remote controlled tractor for sale, it may be confusing for you to choose the best option from the several available models.

To help you in spending your money on a worthwhile toy, I am going to list down some of the trending models in the market and give a brief review of each of them. If you are interested in other best RC modules you can read reviews I did on top buggy, premium RC trucks, and the finest remote control helicopters.

Tractor with Lights & Sounds 2.4Ghz (TR-113G) (Perfect Choice)

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I have chosen another Top Race RC tractor as my number 5 in this list. As you would have realized by now, Top Race makes some of the best remote controlled toys, and I recommend it to parents searching for a quality gift for their kids.

The TR 113G is an upgraded model of the TR 113 mentioned above. It has similar functionalities to its previous generation but is more detailed and smoother to operate.

Besides the usual driving, you can use the TR 113G to dig and excavate, with a controllable loader and shovel. There are driving, working and indicating lights to mimic professional work. It works at 2.4 GHz, which allows you to play with other RC vehicles at the same time. I liked this feature as I used the tractor to dump sand in a Top Race RC dumper, which created a great construction job site scene.

The TR 113G requires no assembling and is ready to play right out of the box, bar the initial 60 minutes of charging. I found the charging time to be a bit too long, but it is only a negligible point in comparison with the superior performance of the toy.

Overall, this is a pretty good tractor and can drive through on most surfaces.


  • Ready-to-Run (RTR); no assembly needed
  • Wireless remote
  • 8v Rechargeable Battery
  • Works and looks like the real thing
  • LEDS for driving and indicating turns
  • All parts controlled using remote
  • For ages 5 and over


  • A 60 min. The charge will give you about 15 min. of play time
  • Wheels are hard

1:32 R/c John Deere 7r W/front Loader (Top Choice)

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The John Deere RC tractor is one of the premium options on my list to buy. Truly speaking, it blew me away when I drove it the first time, and I cannot help but want to try driving it one more time, now that I am writing this review for it.

The tractor is modeled on a real life version, in a 1:32 ratio, and has been built using die cast metal. The metal gives its body an actual tractor’s aesthetics, instead of the cartoonish look given by plastic. The green paint on the metal is of high quality and safe from chemicals.

Moreover, there is front, back, working and indicating LEDs which can be switched on and off individually. Safe driving FTW!

However, this toy is not just good looks assembled together. It comes with a miniature proportional steering mechanism and five (yes, five!) servo powered rear coupling system, with independent safety clutches. The speed increases as you accelerate in a direction, giving a real life driving experience.

You can control the tractor’s front loader and shovel using the radio controller to make it move in up / down direction. I loved the fact that I could pick and dump mud with this toy!


  • Die cast metal body
  • Front, back, working and indicating LEDs
  • Proportional steering mechanism
  • Servo powered rear coupling system
  • Controllable loader and shovel
  • Battery powered; usable right from out of the box
  • Different style and colors available


  • Not for small kids (14+ years)
  • Takes some time to learn the remote controller operations

Top Race TR-113 5 Channel Full Functional Front Loader

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Third on my list is the Top Race TR 113 RC tractor. It has the unique yellow and black color scheme that is reflective of the CAT tractors, which makes this toy look pretty cool. It’s made from top notch materials and has been designed to the smallest details to perfectly imitate a real thing.  It can do most of the operations you would expect a tractor to do including moving in all directions, putting the front loader up and down, and excavating the ground through its shovel. All these actions can be controlled by the remote transmitter and are easy to get the hang of, after using the controller for a couple of times.

It can be run indoors and outdoors, with its durable tires allowing it to drive through sand, small pebbles and slight slopes.

It comes fully assembled and only requires 30 minutes of charging before it can be driven around.


  • Miniature replica
  • Fully operational functions including front loading and excavating
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 20 minutes of continuous play
  • For ages 3 and above


  • Sounds cannot be turned off
  • Wheels slip on tiles

B2breplicas ERT14908 Case IH Steiger 620 Quadtrac Tractor (Great for Any Surface)

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When I was shortlisting tractors for my list, the ERT14908 stuck out from the rest due to its unique agricultural-focused design.

The design is a replica of the Steiger 620 quadtrac tractor. From the body shape to the way the wheels roll, everything has been miniaturized to perfection, giving this remote controlled tractor a high-end look and feel.

The quad wheel mechanism allows it to move on any surface, much like a small tank.

However, I should mention that since this does not have a front loader or excavator, its functions are limited to driving around.

The tractor weight five pounds, which is a bit more than average tractor weight in its size. This, I feel, is reflective of the high quality and robust construction of the toy.

All in all, this is a solid tractor for your kid if he wants to play outside, even in actual farm lands!


  • Great design
  • Replica of Steiger 620 tractor
  • Quad wheel mechanism
  • Works inside and outside
  • External AAA batteries required
  • For children 8 years and above


  • No thrilling functions like excavating and dumping

1:32 Siku R C Fendt 939 Tractor Set With Remote Control

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The Siku Fendt 939 is another high-end model on my for sale list. It is an upgraded tractor and is the latest generation produced by the company.

The body has been molded from die cast metal and plastic, which gives it a life like a look, while ensuring that the body is robust and lasts long.

It runs using a new control 32 technology embedded in the transmitter, which facilitates better handling and maneuvering.

The driving of the tractor itself is quite precise and easy to get used to. There are head and rear lamps, which stay on while the tractor is being run. The lamps start blinking rapidly in case it has a low battery.  There is a standby mode that saves the battery when the tractor is not being used.

I discovered that you could even attach accessories to this tractor, such as rakes, trailers, etc. This is a great feature and just expands the playing horizon for your kid. If your kid is into these, he may also like the number 1 rated RC excavator.


  • Good manufacturing quality
  • Realistic looks
  • Easy controls
  • Additional add-ons
  • Three AAA batteries; both normal and rechargeable


  • Simple model
  • Small size

Cheerwing 2.4Ghz 1:16 (Great Farm Tractor – Construction Toy)

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The Cheerwing RC farm tractor is another product that impressed me, while I was surveying the market. It is a conventional tractor with a green exterior, made from plastic and resin. The manufacturing quality is pretty satisfactory, and I am sure that this tractor is going to last for a long time.

Functionality wise, it can move in all four directions. It comes with lights and sounds (engine, horn, reverse) for a simulated play, however, if you need it to be silent, you can turn on the quiet mode.

All the controls and switches can be reached via the radio transmitters (2.4 GHz). The remote transmitter is user-friendly, with a shape of a PlayStation joystick.

The durability in its construction, plus the gridded tires, enable you to use this outside on small pebbles, sand, and road.


  • Quality manufacturing
  • 1:16 real life design
  • User-friendly controller
  • Sounds and lights for added realism
  • Quiet mode
  • Standard AAA battery
  • For kids 8 years and over


  • Some quality control issues reported
  • Batteries not included

Fistone RC Truck Alloy Shovel Loader Tractor (The Finest)

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The Fistone RC tractor is a badass machine and, personally, one of my favorite products on the list. While it comes with all the basic features in an average RC tractor, what makes it stand apart are its advanced features. The tractor has a 4 wheel drive chain that can go in all four directions and across any terrain. The wheels are powered by a double motor belt which ensures that there is no surface which can slow down the tractor. Moreover, the rubber used on the tires are large and spongy, for better grip and friction.

The standout function, however, is the heavy metal shovel loader on the front. It is made from metal, looks quite real and produces the sounds of a real one while loading/dumping material. The loader is anti-friction and can take sufficient load to capacity without toppling.

All the functions are controlled using a single 2.4 GHz transmitter. You can even use other RC construction vehicles with this tractor, without causing any signal interference.


  • Advanced features
  • Realistic metallic body
  • Soft tires
  • 4 WD
  • Loading and dumping shovel
  • Easy handling
  • Ages 6+


  • Bucket does not raise high enough

Goolsky 2.4G 6 CH RC Tractor Full Functional Front Loader Remote Control Bulldozer 

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As my ninth choice, I have selected the Goolsky RC tractor. This is another tractor with a yellow and black color scheme. I guess, those colors just look great on heavy vehicles, or perhaps it’s just my personal opinion. What do you think?

Anyways, Goolsky is another popular toy manufacturer, so I expected its remote controlled tractor to be of good quality and I was right.  This tractor simulates the design and performance of a real tractor, albeit in a much smaller ratio.

Its body is made from child-friendly plastic and paint, which keeps any chances of skin reaction from the materials to null.

There are individual controls for each function. While you operate the tractor in all directions, you can independently control the loader hand, allowing you to operate your tractor with efficiency. Moreover, when operational, the tractor headlamps will automatically turn on, hence allowing you to run the toy at night.

The transmitter for the tractor comes with 2.4 GHz frequency and a signal interference blocking technology.

All in all, it is a great toy for your kids to play with and learn a variety of construction techniques. A nice add on would be a to get the finest tank to complete your construction and military remote control toy collection.


  • Real life design
  • Loader picks and dumps
  • Headlamps
  • Advanced transmitter
  • Rechargeable batteries


  • It takes two hours to charge completely and only runs for 30 minutes

Goolsky Double E E351-001 Remote Control 1/16 (Perfect Farm Tractor)

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Finally, to the round of my list of best RC tractors, I have chosen the Goolsky E351 as my final pick. The E351 is modeled on the traditional farm tractor. This means that it does not come with the loader and dumper features. However, that does not mean that it is not fun to play with.

The body of this tractor is made from child-friendly materials and paints, just like all Goolsky products for sale. While the material used in the manufacturing of this tractor is plastic, the toy does not feel cheap and is quite sturdy.

The basic controls of movement in all directions are quite simple to understand and get used to. Since the tractor is not super-fast, your kid can easily control it, without bumping it against objects.

The front of it has a hitch, which is representative of the tractor’s cultivation usage. The back of the tractor has a hook to attach accessories on to. While the toy is operational, there are mechanical sounds produced, and head lamps turned on to replicate real life.

I found this as a great toy for teaching your kid hand, eye, and brain coordination. With its support for multiple player racing, I feel your kid(s) will never be bored.


  • Life like design
  • Sounds and lamp
  • Multiple player racing
  • Noninterfering transmitter
  • Child-friendly manufacturing and painting
  • No assembling required
  • For kids 14 years and over


  • Small in size

5 Channel Full Function Radio Control RC Big Farm Tractor with Front Loader (1:28 Scale – Must Have)

This is a mean green machine which, I am sure, will make your future farmer absolutely delighted. It is simple in its nature and operation. However, it comes with high-quality manufacturing and realistic looks (1:28 ratio).

The toy is light in weight and can easily be handled by a kid of 3 years old and above. The remote controller moves the tractor in all directions, controls the up / down movement of the front loader and even moves the tipper in the left / right direction.

All features of this tractor have been designed with its usage by kids in mind. With a slow speed and easy controls, your kid can easily learn to maneuver the toy and master tricks. I think it is a great product to let your kid have hours and hours of nonstop fun!


  • Realistic aesthetics and painting
  • Radio controlled in all directions
  • Front loader and tipper movable through radio controller
  • Front wheel alignment adjustable
  • High-quality tires to last long
  • Ready to run out of the box (just insert batteries)


  • No dumping action since bucket does not curl
  • Frequently gets stuck in mud
  • Preferable to use in doors


So now you have made it to the end of my list. I’m certain that, regardless of the possibility that your ideal RC tractor may not be here, you should now have an entirely clear thought of what’s available on the market. I will leave you with a final word of advice. Whichever RC tractor you get, make sure that you check the warranty for the toy and preferably get one with support for mechanical faults.