If you like flying RC helicopters, I think you agree with me when I say you can never have too many! The marvels you can find in today’s market are gorgeous and come with advanced technologies that try (and succeed) to recreate the real helicopter driving experience.

So, if you’re currently browsing for a new item to add to your collection, take a look below. Using my experience and information from specialists in the niche, I put together a top 10 of the best remote control helicopters available today.

These are the models you should consider before making a purchase decision. My reviews list the best features, the Pros, and Cons and much more so please read this before you buy. Also, I would recommend on checking out the top 10 jets for sale if you are into jet flying or if you are thinking about getting an airplane please check out my recommendations of the 10 leading R/C airplanes you should know about or maybe you are more into drones? Well, I covered that here as well.

Now, let’s get started on my recommendations.

Syma S107 3 Channel (Top RC For Beginners)

Battery type: LiPo Battery 3.7V, 150mAh

Motor type: Brushed

Flight time: About 20 minutes

Control system: Infrared Tri-band Technology

Size: Length 8.7 in, Height 1.5 in, Width 3.9 in

Weight: 34g

Range: Up to 10m

Best for: Beginners

This copter is the kind of toy you would buy for both adults and children! It is quite small, that’s true, but the design is impressive, and the metal body frame makes it quite durable. This is why I recommend it mostly for beginners who will probably smash into a wall or two before they get the hang of flying.

It doesn’t have a camera, but it does have a gyroscope which stabilizes the flight path and gives first-time users a great experience. Even more, it’s small and lightweight which means it’s highly portable. Sadly, you can only fly it indoors because it’s small and the infrared signal gets jammed outside by the sun rays.

The S107 from Syma is cute on the outside, but on the inside, it is a piece of marvel! The insides feature a 32-level high precision speed controller that stabilizes the system of the rotor blade, so you’ll have a smooth and steady lift off. Next, you get two sturdy motors that fuel high precision propellers, and a third motor is placed in the tail.

The helicopter comes with a LiPo battery, so it’s ready to fly from the box. The battery will last to about 20 minutes of flying and then it needs a recharge using the USB cable you get in the package. The fun part is that you can charge it from a computer or a wall socket – the chopper is not picky. It takes about 30 to 35 minutes for the battery to charge, so you won’t have to wait for too long.

Regarding the controller, it’s big enough to hold it in your hands, and it has three available bands. This means you will be able to fly three independent RC helicopters with the same controller, at the same time. The controls are easy to reach, and they can make the copter go up, down, forward, backward, and left or right.

The controller needs a 1.5V AA battery, but this is not included in the package.

To summarize, this is a great RC copter for beginners, but it goes for adults as well. And, with such a great controller, if you find them on sale, it’s worth to buy three of them!


  • Extremely durable frame –will resist several crashes.
  • The controls are easy to master.
  • The flight time is quite good.
  • It looks great, and it is appealing to both adults and kids.
  • Great price.


  • You can’t fly it outside.
  • There are no batteries for the controller.

Blade 230s BNF Vehicle (Best RC Helicopter)

Battery type: E-flite 800mAh 3S Li-Po

Motor type: Brushless

Flight time: 5 to 6 minutes

Control system: 6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHz (not included)

Size: Height 6.46 In, Length 18.66 In, Width 3.54 In

Weight: 11.95 oz (339g)

Best for: Beginners and adults all together

In my opinion, this is one of the best RC helicopters for sale on the market! It looks great, and it comes with the well-known SAFE technology from Blade that allows for a smooth flight under the right conditions. Even more, it has three integrated modes that make it great for both beginners and adults.

These modes are:

  • Stability – the self-leveling function makes flying more comfortable
  • Progressive – great for acrobatic moves while flying (Loops, rolls, sustained inverted flight, and stationary flips come easy with this chopper)
  • Panic Recovery – the copter drops down to an altitude where it can level itself.

The collective pitch flight mechanism is supported by two brushless motors: the main one that operates the propellers and a tail one for direction and stability. Even more, the metal gear cyclic servos are durable and offer the copter that extra boost for power.

The blades are made of ABS plastic so that they won’t break at the first crash. The canopy is also plastic, which makes the entire heli lightweight, but the vivid color scheme makes it look great. If you feel you may not want to buy this copter because of the plastic body, you should know it is sometimes more durable than metal. In any case, it is rust-resistant, and it won’t scratch that easily.

I like the 230S from Blade because it is the best RC helicopter for a beginner to learn aerobatics. The three flying modes are great for learning and having fun which is what makes it such a popular model.

Finally, if you’re not happy with the included battery and the flight time it offers, I recommend buying the 950mah-1000mah LiPo. This will give you about 6.5 to 7 minutes per flight. Also, the Blade 230S is designed to be used outdoors, and it behaves well in light wind. But hey, if you like this helicopter you may also be interested in trucks. I have both, and if you are thinking of getting one, check out my 10 outstanding R/C Truck reviews everyone should be aware of.


  • Stable flight path.
  • Amazing aerobatics opportunities.
  • SAFE rescue is effective but only if you were flying high enough.
  • The canopy and blades are durable and crash-resistant.


  • The tail blade will bend easily, but it’s easy to get it to the initial shape.
  • Short flight time.
  • It usually needs a calibration for the stability mode to work properly.
  • The controller is not included.

GoolRC Walkera V450D03 6CH 450 RC FBL Helicopter (Editor’s Choice)

Battery type: 11.1V 2600mAh high-capacity LiPo battery (not included)

Motor type: Brushless

Flight time: 8 minutes

Control system: DEVO 7 transmitter (not included) with RX-2703H-D receiver

Size: Length 26.4in

Weight: 1914g / 4.2lb

Best for: Outdoor, 3D flying, mostly for experienced flyers

If you’re looking for the best outdoor RC helicopter for sale, the Walkera V450D03 is the best choice! The copter is quite big, and it is powerful enough to face light to mid power winds, but it’s also a bit noisy. I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner as it is quite expensive and the inner workings are pretty advanced. After all, you wouldn’t want to crash it on the first flight, right?

The flybarless system is improved and features efficient and fast responses to your commands, and the brushless motor comes with a bit more power that will increase the level of fun. It is great at 3D flying (aerobatics), and the canopy is easy to open (for maintenance purposes). The copter is equipped with a gyroscope for smoother controls, and it performs extremely well.

The canopy is a one-piece design made of durable plastic, and it’s easy and cheap to replace. The design is elongated, and the colors are vibrant, so you’ll be able to see your copter even if outside the weather is gray.

You may expect to see a metal frame on such an advanced design, but I’m sorry to disappoint you. The frame is plastic, but it is durable, and many high-end models feature it because it keeps the copter light yet strong. However, the servos are metal gear, so you won’t have to worry about stripping.

The remote control (not included in the package) is a bit bulky, but it’s easy to reach the controls if you have big hands. For people with small hands, it may be a problem.

On the downside, you’ll get an aluminum tail boom which will bend in a crash, but it is cheap and easy to replace. On the other hand, the main blades are carbon fiber which makes them durable and resistant to crashes – a nice feature when you see their price.


  • An advanced model with lots of electronics and plastic parts.
  • Most parts are easy to replace.
  • Maintenance is easy.
  • The design is impressive.
  • It behaves well outdoors.


  • Battery and transmitter not included.
  • Aluminum tail boom.
  • Plastic frame.

Extra Large GT QS8006 2 Speed 3.5 CH (Great for Outdoors RC Helicopter)

Battery type: 14.8V, 1500mAh rechargeable Lithium (included)

Flight time: Around 7 minutes

Size: 52.75L x 7.20H x 14.76W

Weight: 6.6 Lbs.

Range: 80-100 meters

Best for: Outdoors and indoors, not for beginners

This copter is a marvel to gaze, but it is also big and difficult to control in medium to high winds. I like the LED lights system and, if you fly it in the evening (or indoors in low light), it looks very similar to like a real helicopter ready to take off. Of course, you can also choose to fly it at night.

The copter is a great gift for adults passionate about flying RC helicopter, and it is ready to fly out of the box. This means that both the battery and the transmitter are included in the package. Still, you may need to buy some batteries for the transmitter as these are not usually included.

The body is made out of metal and plastic to make sure it will resist some gentle crashes with objects around. When you buy it, you’ll get a huge package, but the copter doesn’t come completely assembled. You’ll get the main body, the battery and the AC adapter, the remote control, the main blades, and the boom (which is very long).

The QS8006-2 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter implements the latest gyroscope technology and flies like a dream, but only if you have some skills. However, this is a heavy design so make sure to not crash it from very high – it won’t be pretty!

I like the design, which is very detailed, but this is to be expected given its gargantuan size. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone learning to fly an RC heli or someone who doesn’t know how to land a difficult bird. Due to the long tail boom, the landing and even the hovering require some skills. Do I love flying it over the lake and speaking of lakes, if you are into boats well guess what? I have reviewed the five-star R/C boats for everyone.


  • It is beautiful and large.
  • Good battery life and charging time.
  • Solid body.
  • Great LED lights so it can be flown at night.


  • It’s easy to break if you crash it.
  • It’s difficult to handle in flight.
  • Short flight time.

Blade 120 SR Bind-N-Fly Version (Awesome Toy for Kids and Adults)

Battery type: 500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo Battery

Motor type: Brushed

Flight time: About 5 minutes

Control system: Spektrum DX7se transmitter (not included)

Size: Length 12.5 in

Weight: 3.75 oz

Best for: Both kids and adults

This is a cute, agile, and fast little toy that will go great in both outdoor and indoor establishments. Still, indoor is a bit trickier to fly, and you won’t be able to perform those cool stunts this heli is capable of. You should also know that this is a fixed pitch, single rotor, so there won’t be that many tricks available.

In the outdoors, I’ve tested it in winds that go up to 5 or 6mph, and it performed admirably. I think it will do great in bigger winds, but you need to have some pretty good flying skills not to lose it.

It comes assembled and, if you have the right transmitter, you can take it for a test flight right from the box. Just beware of the fact that this is a fast little bird and you can easily crash it into trees or other objects that might get in the way.

However, it is a durable piece of machinery, and it will resist several crashes very well. This is due to the carbon fiber and plastic parts that keep the weight and the damages to a minimum.

I would recommend buying spare blades (main and tail) if you find them on sale, as these are the ones that go faster. I would also buy an extra tail boom as it bends easily. I also recommend buying spare batteries as it takes about 30 minutes to charge one and the flight time is only about 5 minutes. Batteries are cheap and easy to find in bulk so, if you want more flight time, buy about 5 of them.

I like the Blade 120 SR for its speed and stability; especially given the fact that this is a non-coaxial heli. I also like that it’s extremely easy to find spare parts everywhere you go.


  • Lightweight and cute.
  • Fun and fast.
  • Spare parts are readily available.
  • Resistant body.
  • Behaves well in mid wind.


  • No transmitter in the package.
  • The body is mostly plastic.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Wltoys V977 Power Star X1 (Number 1 for Experienced Pilots)

Battery type: V977Battery 1S 3.7V 450mAh 25C

Motor type: Brushless

Flight time: About 6-7 minutes

Control system: 6 channels, 2.4 GHz standard transmitter from Wltoys

Size: 10.6 inches in length

Weight: 48.5g

Best for: Experienced pilots

This is a small heli (it can fit in the palm of your hand), and my first reaction would be to only fly it inside where there’s no wind or trees. However, during my RC Rank review, I noticed that the V977 is powerful for its size and can easily handle light wind.

You should also know that this is a fast toy and this is why I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner. The controller is simplistic and easy to understand but the bird responds extremely fast, and someone who is just learning how to fly may lose sight of it.

It has a 6-axis gyro mode which makes it insanely stable for its size and weight. It takes off smoothly, and it doesn’t need any cyclic control to stabilize it during hover. There is also a 3D mode (3-axis flybarless stabilization) that is less stable but works great outdoor if there is a bit of wind. The 3D mode also allows the chopper to reach higher speeds when the 6-axis mode is more concerned with stability.

This is a collective pitch helicopter, so it is designed for outstanding acrobatics (in 3D mode). That’s why, if you’re not an experienced 3D pilot, I recommend stocking up on spare parts like blades, tail rotors, and even the tail boom. I would also recommend getting a more powerful battery if you want to beat its limits.

Finally, the transmitter is a standard six channels model with a large LCD screen and Idle-up switch that lets you change between 3D and 6-axis modes. There is also a low voltage warning in the transmitter which lets you know when it’s time to bring your bird home.


  • A small heli with a durable body.
  • Easy to fly in 6-axis mode.
  • 3D mode for amazing aerobatics.
  • Easy to control.
  • Spare parts are readily available.


  • The transmitter is not included.
  • Not for beginners.

AVATAR M302G 4CH 4 Channel Remote Control Heli (Awesome Flying Toy for Kids)

Battery type: 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

Flight time: 6-8minutes

Control system: 4 channels Infra-Red Remote Control

Size: 7.44 in L x 5.04 in W x 3.74 in H

Weight: 477g

Range: Up to10 meters

Best for: Kids and beginners

Remember the movie Avatar and those fancy helicopters they liked to fly all over? I bet you couldn’t wait to have one of your own (in a smaller size, of course)!

Well, with the M302G RC helicopter you’re coming pretty close as this little cutie implements the same lateral rotors those helicopters did. The body is designed with lightweight and durable materials, so it will resist several crashes before it needs any maintenance. Still, you should know that the control system is based on infrareds so you can only fly it indoors.

It is a super fun toy to have, and it comes ready to fly right out of the package. Even more, you also get two spare tail propellers, two main rotors, and one extra tail rotor in the case you’ll need to remove any broken parts.

There is also one LED light on the front side of the canopy which is nice if you were thinking of flying at night or in a dark room.

I honestly like it but only to offer as a gift to someone who is just starting or to a kid. It is a nice toy, but I don’t see myself flying it around the house.


  • The design is impressive.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • It comes ready to fly once you open the box.
  • It comes with spare parts.


  • Only for indoor flying.
  • Not too powerful.
  • No aerobatics.

Wltoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade (Must Have R/C Helicopter)

Battery type: 3.7V 180 mAh LiPo (built-in)

Motor type: Brushless

Flight time: 8 minutes

Control system: Standard 4 channel transmitter, 2.4 GHz frequency

Size: 19 inches in length

Weight: 300g

Range: 150m

Best for: Experienced 4 channel pilots

The V912 is a marvelous piece of RC equipment! With a sturdy body (plastic canopy and metal frame) and vivid colors, this bad boy is big enough to make a 30-year old kid extremely happy! I consider it to be one of the best acquisitions under 100 dollars in terms of quality and durability.

This bad boy is big compared to many mini toys I mentioned above and comes in a complete package with both battery and transmitter included. Even more, you’ll also get some spare parts in case of a crash. Still, most parts of this fixed pitch flybar heli are replaceable and upgradeable so you can easily transform it into something better.

Because of its size, this baby can take up some wind, and it has enough power to fly fast. The heli reacts very well to your commands and, if you’re not used to it, I recommend keeping the initial 80% sensitiveness settings on your remote control.

Keep in mind that, the heli will gain a bit of momentum in flight if you don’t control it properly. This is due to the report between its weight and motor power. Still, if you’re experienced, this is nothing to worry about.

I like the sound; it’s quite realistic when you’re close to it. And the more fun part – the gyroscope is great at keeping the V912 stable in various conditions and offers the experience of maneuvering a real helicopter.


  • Extremely durable – takes well on crashes.
  • Flies fast.
  • The body is mostly metal.
  • Blades are ABS plastic.
  • Spare parts are easily available.
  • It comes ready to fly out of the box.


  • It is big and heavy.
  • There may be some loss of signal between the RC and the heli.
  • Not for beginners.

Blade BLH4480 250 CFX BNF (Perfect For Aerobatics)

Battery type: 1350mAh+ 3S 11.1V 30C Li-Po

Motor type: Brushless

Flight time: 4-6 minutes

Control system: 6+ programmable channel transmitter with Spektrum DSM2 /DSMX technology

Size: 18.2 in (L) x 7.1 in (H), 3.9 in (W)

Weight: 16.1oz (457g)

Best for: Aerobatics

The Blade 250 CFX helicopter is the perfect choice for a fantastic 3D experience! I like its precision during complicated aerobatics, and I love the fact that it doesn’t come with the price and the size of a professional chopper.

The hard plastic canopy is nicely painted, and the carbon fiber frame is flexible and durable which means your RC helicopter won’t break down quite so easily. Even more, the inner workings are just as durable. With metal gear digital servos and brushless motors, each flight will be powerful and accurate.

The 250 CFX is a collective pitch design with flybarless mechanics and the integrated SAFE technology help you keep full control. Like most Blade helicopters, there are 3 flight modes which allow everyone to use this amazing RC toy. These are:

  • Stability – self-leveling system and great for beginners
  • Progressive – great for aerobatic
  • Panic Recovery – in case of a malfunction, the heli can regain control to a level altitude

Since this is a BNF model, you won’t get the receiver in the package, so you’ll have to buy it separately. You will also have to buy the battery and a charger. However, once you get everything, you’ll get to enjoy a fast, accurate, and fun toy. I sometimes play a rescue game where I would

(Side story) I sometimes play a rescue game with this helicopter where I would get my rock crawler or buggy stock in a terrain and try to come and rescue it with my helicopter. If you are interested in knowing about my remote controlled rock crawler recommendations or the top rated R/C buggies you should be aware of; feel free to read it.


  • Strong body and frame.
  • SAFE technology for easy flying.
  • Accurate and fast during aerobatics.
  • Crash resistant.
  • Metal inner workings.


  • No transmitter.
  • No battery.

MJX F645 F45 Large Single Blade RC Helicopter (Perfect Choice for Stable Hover)

Battery type: 7.4V 1500mAh Li-ion

Motor type: Brushless

Flight time: 6 to 10 Minutes

Control system: 4 channels, LCD Screen, Configurable

Size: 71 x 21 x 11 cm

Range: 50m

Best for: Outdoors flight

The MJX F45 is a single-rotor heli with a camera which is a nice touch considering the price. You won’t get super video quality, but you’ll see what your chopper sees.

The canopy and frame are durable, but you may need to change the propellers and the tail boom in case you crash it hard enough. But don’t worry; there are many available spare parts for sale on the market, so if you need some you won’t have any troubles finding what you are looking for.

The heli comes in two colors (red and green), and it is ready to fly out of the box – no need to purchase a transmitter or battery as these are included in the initial package. Still, I would recommend getting a more powerful battery as the stock one is slow.

The copter is fast and responsive due to its sturdy yet lightweight construction. It comes equipped with two electric motors (7.4V each), the main one and one for the tail rotor. It is also equipped with a MEMS gyro system that gives you the real helicopter flight experience.


  • Durable body.
  • Fast and easy to maneuver.
  • The design is impressive.
  • Stable Hover.


  • It is a bit too large for indoors.
  • The stock battery is not that powerful.


Contribution by Jen D.