With so many cars on the road and so little space, it is no wonder that more and more of us are using driveways to store our cars off of the street.

Driveways take a beating from the elements, and even the highest quality driveway will begin to break down over time. Water and UV rays will slowly chip at the concrete or asphalt and cracks will begin to grow, chips will appear, and your driveway may become unusable.

A superb sealer will get rid of all your problems. It does not matter what condition your driveway is in; we have the sealer for you. You could have crack or chips, or you may be worried about the internal structure. Whatever your problem, there is a product on our list for it.

Take a moment to check out the products and protect your driveway for years to come.

Cofair 609MD

A kit for repairing or sealing your asphalt. This is a tape, measuring 6 inches by 9 foot. It is also an extremely easy kit to use and has no mess when compared to a tub of liquid. There are no threats of spilling or getting the sealant on your skin or clothes. Simply take the backing of the tape and roll the tape over the area you want to repair or seal. In seconds the tape will stick, and you can walk or drive on it.

This is a great alternative to the liquid sealers which you thought would fill gaps and cracks, but have not. Once the tape adheres to the area, it will stay there for years. This is a very easy to use product and versatile enough to just fill cracks or to seal your entire area.

Useal USA Hot Liquefied Rubber 80 Ft

This kit uses hot liquified rubber to fill in any gaps and cracks. This product is such high-quality that it is used in bulk in airports, on highways, and on almost any road. With testing like that, you know that it is going to last on your low-traffic area.

This is a do-it-yourself solution which rivals getting a big company in. You use a heat source to liquify the rubber, and then you pour the rubber into any cracks and gaps. Be sure to wear some protective equipment when you are this product; it is a rival to professional contractors after all. Once you are able to pour the liquid, be slow and gentle, and use the plastic trowel to get the liquid into the gaps and smooth it out.

This is a excellent product for areas that need major repairs. Calling in the professionals can cost you a lot of money, but with a little time and effort, your family will think that you did.

DryWay Water-Repellent Sealer (5-gal)

A fantastic product for concrete, one which is water repellent, and one which is eco-friendly. A lot of common sealing products will stop working after a year and need another application. This product will seal your area for many years. This sealant also protects from water, mold, and deterioration. The in-built technology provides a barrier against the elements and also makes cleaning easier.

Water is not allowed to get into your concrete, but the moisture is allowed out through the breathable coating. The coating also absorbs into the pores of the concrete, so you do not have any discoloration when you apply it. This product will protect the area for up to ten years.

Rainguard CR-0537

A great concrete sealer which does more than just protect your driveway. This sealer will protect vertical and horizontal surfaces which means you can protect your driveway and protect everything around it. The sealer will cause water to bead on the surface and run off. It also creates a breathable seal which will release any trapped moisture and stop the area from wearing out from the inside.

The thing we love about this product is that it does not change the appearance of the surface. It will not give it a wet look or tint it. How your area looks before you apply this is how it will look when it is applied.

E-Z Stir

This is a great sealer for concrete and asphalt. Grab a tub of this and a brush, and you can have an even coat on your driveway which will last up to 4 years. Gives great coverage and due to the viscosity of the liquid, it is easy to stir to ensure an even mix of all the ingredients. After 4 hours, your driveway will be dry to the touch, and after 48 hours you can drive on your driveway again.

We love that you can also fill cracks with this sealer. Any crack up to 1/8” can be filled with the sealer, so this not only protects, but it patches too. From one pail you can get up to 500 sq. ft of coverage (depending on the thickness of the coat). The sealer is also extremely easy to clean once it is on the area and dried. Simply wash the spot with some soapy water and rinse off.

The bonding nature of the sealer means that it will last a long time and create a barrier against all elements, including UV rays. An easy sealer to install and an easy one to clean.


Driveways can be a nightmare, but they needn’t cause you so many problems if you just treat them with a little love and add some protection. Even if it is in tip-top condition, a high-quality sealer will add protection and solve problems that you cannot see. It will add longevity or repair one which needs it.

Do not wait until it is too late and you have to call contractors in. Take a few hours and invest a few dollars, and save yourself from a large bill somewhere down the road.