Who doesn’t like car drifting? Regardless of the fact that you are performing the drifts or you’re just driving the best RC drift car, the experience is liberating and empowering.

As an RC passionate, I appreciate manufacturers’ effort in creating well-equipped drifting cars. There are some amazing designs on today’s market and many implement advanced technologies that enhance the thrill. Still, we must also consider factors such as budget and user’s experience before deciding on the best car.

For this, I put together a series of remote control drift car reviews for both beginners and experts. Ten drifting cars made my list at RC Rank, and I’m sure you’ll find at least one to like and take home with you.

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1/10 2.4Ghz Exceed DriftStar RTR (Best RC Drift Car)

Length: 360mm

Wheelbase: 260mm

Weight: Approx.1350g

Ground Clearance: 4.5mm

Remote control system: 2.4GHz with channel hopping

Motor: RC 540

Battery: 7.2V, 1800mAH

Run time: About 15 minutes

Speed: About 30mph

Special features: Four wheel drive system, Anodized aluminum center long drive shaft, aluminum capped shocks with oil, SP03018 ESC

It looks amazing, and it drifts like a real rally car! I guess you can see why I like the Exceed RC Electric DriftStar so much, and why I included on my best RC drift car top. It may not be the cheapest, but it is a great gift if you want to make someone happy.

The car is great for both children and adults as it comes with a front foam bumper that is big enough to protect it from various impacts. Still, I wouldn’t take it to learn how to drive an RC operated vehicle. It’s too well-designed to treat it as a starter car (my opinion).

This tenth scale beauty comes fully charged so you can start drifting as soon as you unpack it. Even more, you don’t have to wait too long for the battery to charge (about two and a half hours). If you want to go a bit faster and you don’t want to wait too long between charges, I recommend getting a 2S Li-Po as a secondary battery.

I like the design and the fact that the body is (and feels) sturdy. The paint job is amazing, and the way the ABS plastic is curved to create the natural aspect of the car, is impressive. Underneath, you’ll find an aluminum upper plate and the drive shaft. The steering servo is waterproof which is great if you want to drive it outside (and I recommend outdoor drifting with this bad ass unit).

The tires are specially designed for drifting, but if you want to race, you can always find some regular tires for sale online. The 4WD system is great at controlling the car on different surfaces and makes the action a lot more fun.

A final aspect I need to mention is this car’s level of upgradeability. You can change the motor, the servo, the tires, and so much more. And, spare parts are easy to find on sale online and in specialized stores.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Gorgeous paint job and general aspect
  • Great for drifting on many surfaces (indoors and outdoors)
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Responds fast to commands


  • A bit expensive

Team Energy X10DR Belt Drive Pro (For Expert Drivers)

Length: 360mm

Wheelbase: 256mm

Remote control system: GT3X Radio

Motor: 3300KV (Brushless)

Battery: LI-PO 7.4V 3900mAh

Special features: Team Energy X10 Dual belt drive system, Anodized aluminum threaded shock bodies, oil filled shocks, premium cut pistons, fully tunable independent suspension

Team Energy X10DR Pro Drift Car is not one for beginners! It comes packed with advanced technologies and the price will make you think twice before you lend it to a friend. While it is not a budget breaker, this beauty fits the under 300 dollars threshold, which shouldn’t be ignored.

The chassis is designed with drifting in mind as it has a powerful motor and high-quality electronics to support it. Also, the new and improved 2.4GHz Automatic Frequency Hopping System can maintain a constant direct connection with the vehicle and tune out any interference. This is great when you’re racing against other people as each of the cars present in the race, comes with their own radio system.

The chassis is fully adjustable, and the special drift tires help in holding those extreme drift angles and creating a spectacular experience. Even more, the upper and lower chassis plates are made of carbon fiber and to keep the entire body as lightweight as possible.

I like the shock system, which is very well developed to avoid any damage due to bumps and collisions. For instance, the oil filled shocks and the cut pistons do a fantastic job in keeping the car leveled at an optimal angle when drifting on rough terrain.

In my opinion, the X10DR Pro Drift Car is one of the best RC drifting vehicles in the world, and I only recommend it to professional drifters because the car is fast. If you’re not used to controlling a drifting car, you may easily lose control.

I have to warn you that it may be a bit difficult to find the right track for your car locally. This is a fast car and the included tires are only for drifting. If you can’t find a good track and you want to drive it on asphalt, make sure to buy new tires that are designed for the road (the drifting ones will run out fast). Of course, you can easily upgrade it, but I like it as it came.

The vehicle is delivered with battery and transmitter, but you will need to buy batteries for the charger and a charger for the Li-Po battery. A nice addition to any drift toy would be a boat, especially if you live by a lake or ocean. Find out my reviews of remote boats for sale.


  • Gorgeous body
  • Incredible speed
  • Advanced driving technology
  • Designed for drifting


  • Not a cheap car
  • Too fast for regular local tracks
  • Doesn’t go on asphalt with stock tires

Redcat Lightning EPX PRO Racing EP Brushless Touring Car (Great for Beginners)

Length: 360mm

Wheelbase: 260mm

Ground Clearance: 4.5mm

Remote control system: 2.4GHz Radio

Motor: Electric Brushless 3300KV RC-540

Battery: 7.4v 3500mAh LIPO 15C

Run time: About 20 minutes

Speed: 40+mph

Special features: Aluminum capped oil filled shocks, adjustable independent suspension

This is the perfect starter RC vehicle for an adult, but I wouldn’t recommend it for kids as it is quite fast. Of course, there are faster cars out there, but it still involves risks if your kid doesn’t understand how the operation of a hobby grade RC vehicle works.

I like the electric blue color and the shape, but I am most impressed by the durable build. As long as you don’t drive it through rocks and bumpy roads, this baby will withstand everything that comes its way! As you can see from the specifications, the Lightning EPX PRO is a low car, so you have to drive it on smooth surfaces that allow you to reap the advantages of such a low ground clearance.

The chassis is lightweight and made of durable plastic, and the aluminum capped oil filled shocks are great at keeping it stable. Even more, the car has fully adjustable independent suspensions, just like a real race car!

The stock tires are mostly designed for the road, but you can easily find drifting tires that will fit your car for sale online. Of course, the Lightning EPX PRO can be easily upgraded, but with such a powerful battery you may not need to buy any other accessories. Of course, this is your choice.

The controller is easy to understand and handle and the car is very responsive. It moves smoothly and, in case you are involved in a pileup, you can use the forward or reverse functions to back out and continue the race.

The price to value ratio is well-balanced, and the car comes completely equipped to put it on the road. You even get the Li-Po battery and the charger for it.


  • Looks cool in any setting
  • It is fast for the price
  • It comes with a powerful battery
  • It has a durable build
  • It comes completely equipped for the road
  • Accessories are cheap


  • It will lose traction in x dirt, gravel, or grass with the stock tires
  • It may prove difficult to keep straight at high speeds

HPI Racing 111664 E10 2013 Mustang Drift (Most Fun)

Length: 375mm

Wheelbase: 255mm

Weight: 1280g without body

Remote control system: 2.4GHz radio

Motor: High torque Saturn 27T 540 motor (Brushed)

Battery: 7.2v NiMH Rechargeable HPI Plazma

Special features: Bathtub chassis – 2mm thick, quick change battery holder, double wishbone suspension, front and rear differentials, waterproof ESC

What’s the best RC drifting car that will improve your collection and will offer you tons of fun? Well, the answer is obvious: the HPI E10! This nice-looking vehicle is actually the official replica of Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s Monster Energy Nitto Tire 2013 Ford Mustang.

This is an entry level racing electric care (1/10th scale), but it does feature an intimidating look and great performance for the money. If you’re not interested in introducing it to your collection, you can easily offer it as a gift as the car was designed to be easy to drive. So, you can consider it a fantastic starter in the world of RC car racing.

Right out of the box, the car doesn’t require any assembly, and it is delivered with everything you need (including the Li-Po battery). You simply need to charge it and, off you go!

Besides the perfect outside aspect, there are some great inner-workings I want to share with you. So, the vehicle implements true 4WD at all times and an independent suspension. All these features are necessary for a well-performing drifting car, and if you add the specially designed tires, you get the best RC drifting car ever.

Regarding protection and maintenance, you won’t have too much work with the HPI E10. There is an enclosed drivetrain that keeps dirt and dust out of the gears, and a foam bumper that protects against damages from various crashes. Even more, the chassis and suspension are specially engineered to withstand most bumps.

The advanced electronic speed control has reverse, breaks, and throttle which allows the HPI E10 to behave just like a real car.

When it comes to upgrading possibilities, this car is fantastic! The E10 comes with standard mounting points so you can change the body or customize it after your own heart. Even more, most popular wheel and tires will fit, and the car is designed so it can be easily converted to a street/touring vehicle. Of course, the upgrade possibilities don’t stop here, but these are the most popular ones.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Great for beginners of all ages
  • Comes ready to drive
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Can be converted into a touring car


  • A bit expensive
  • It is a low car, so no bumpy roads

Exceed MadSpeed Drift King (Editor’s Choice)

Length: 440mm

Wheelbase: 259mm

Weight: 1496 g

Remote control system: 2.4 GHz Pistol Transmitter Radio Control

Motor: 380 3000KV (brushless)

Battery: 7.2v Ni-MH 1800mAh

Special features: LED Head Lights, CNC aluminum motor mount, oil filled shocks, Foam bumper

The MadSpeed Drift King Brushless Drift Car is a great budget choice that won’t let you down in a race. The design is interesting and attracts the eye due to the tremendous attention to details you can easily observe. I like how they didn’t move past side-vide mirrors or the exhaust. Also, the wing is nice, and the wheels are nicely decorated.

The car has a low center of gravity and a wide stance for improved stability when you take those sharp angled corners while drifting or racing. The body is made out of durable plastic, and the paint is quite resistant to crashes and scratches.

The MadSpeed Drift King is ready to run out of the box, but it’s easy to upgrade it, should you feel the need. Before you get it outside, I recommend checking if the wires are secured inside the body. Also, it is best to consider buying a second battery as the first one will run out fast. Finally, it’s best to find a better charger than the stock one.

It is powerful and the LED headlights are an impressive detail that is not usually included on budget cars.

It’s not the best RC drift car, but it’s a nice vehicle that brings a lot of fun and value for the money.


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Attention to details regarding the design
  • LED headlights
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Good value for the money


  • Stock battery runs out fast
  • Sometimes the wires need extra-securing
  • The included charger is low-quality

Camaro SS Electric (Perfect R/C Vehicle for Kids)

Length: 16.5 inches

Remote control system: Pistol Grip Remote Control with Telescoping Antenna

Motor: Brushed

Battery: Ni-Cd 700mAh 9.6V AA

Speed: 12 mph

Special features: 4WD Chassis with True 4 Wheel Shaft-Drive System, Great LED lights system

At first sight, I think you’ll agree with me when I say this is a great looking car. The classic Camaro look doesn’t disappoint, but this is not a car for professionals or even enthusiasts. I can only recommend this car for kids and beginners who want to get a taste of the RC drifting world.

It is indeed a 1/10th scale vehicle, and it supports the standard functions: forward, backward, left, and right. However, it is slow compared to the other options I mentioned and the remote control pistol is as simple as you can get (only one frequency).

The Camaro SS behaves well on the road, and the True 4WD shaft system helps in getting some pretty impressive drifts. The stock tires are made for drifting, and you can easily find new ones should you need them. Still, the car is delivered with both drifting and rubber tires so you may not need to look for upgrades.

In addition to the vivid paint job, the car comes with amazing racing rims and an interesting LED lighting system. So, you’ll see red LEDs behind every wheel and LED lights under the car, in case you want to drive at night time.

The telescoping antenna allows for a range of about 50m before the car runs out of signal. Otherwise, the car is fun to drive and responds very well when it is in range. It is also durable for the price, but there are no bumpers to protect it from hard crashes.

Regarding upgrades, the Camaro SS doesn’t allow for too many improvements. You can change the body and the tires, but when it comes to the inner workings, all you can do is find a better battery.


  • Good price
  • It is fun to drive
  • Responds well to commands
  • Interesting LED lighting system


  • Only for beginners and children
  • Slow and not as high-quality as the other options
  • Doesn’t allow too many upgrades

Super GT RC Sport (Cheapest Racing Drift Car)

Length: 300mm

Remote control system: 2.4GHz

Battery: Rechargeable 400Mah1.5V AA NI-Cd

Run time: 20 minutes

Speed: 30Km/h

Special features: Comes with rubber belt tires and hard, smooth drift dedicated tires

If you are looking for a cheap RC car that is capable of performing impressive drifts (for a kid) this is a perfect choice. The Super GT is great looking, and I like the way the body is molded and the high attention to details.

The color combination, the stickers, the gorgeous rims, and the wing create a beautiful RC vehicle that any kid would love to drive. The shell is made out of a high-quality material that will resist to most collisions and scratches, which is why it is recommended to kids and beginners.

While you won’t find a nitro button on it, the Super GT is quite fast for the features it implements. I like that it comes with two sets of tires: one for the road and one for drifting. This way, you are not limited to just one action or type of terrain. Still, keep in mind that this is a low car so that it won’t work well on bumpy roads.

The 2.4GHz transmitter (included in the package) is great for racing or drifting with multiple cars. Also, the car is great in various drifting situations such as U-shapes, 8-shapes, or rounds. It responds fast, and it behaves exemplary on various surfaces.

In conclusion, this is mostly a toy RC car, but it performs well while drifting. You won’t win any professional races with it, but it will impress the neighborhood, and your kids will love it for sure. In conclusion, this is mostly a toy RC car but it performs well while drifting. You won’t win any professional races with it, but it will impress the neighborhood and your kids will love it for sure. If you like this R/C then check out our latest post on the 10 awesome remote buggies for sale.


  • Solid build
  • Gorgeous design
  • Comes with two sets of tires
  • Performs well on the drifting track
  • It is fast
  • The price is great


  • Mostly recommend for children and beginners
  • Charger only for European outlets
  • Instructions are not translated in English

2.4Ghz Brushless Version Exceed RC Drift Star (Awesome for the Money)

Length: 18 inches

Remote control system: Radio Pistol Grip Transmitter

Run time: 20 minutes

Speed: 12 mph

Special features: 4WD system, Rubber Racing Tires

This is a big RC vehicle, and it comes in a variety of color combinations. It is ready to run out of the box (battery and transmitter included) and can be considered a cheap car. Still, because of the low price, it is a great gift for both kids and beginners. Want to find out other big remote controlled vehicles? Then go here.

It has a 4 wheel drive system which comes in handy during drifts and can move forward, backward, left and right. The transmitter is not the best, but it works well, and the vehicle is responsive. It also has a good range – about 100 feet.

I like that there are drifting tires and racing tires, and the fact that the gearbox is waterproof. This way you don’t have to worry about driving this beauty through mud or puddles. A kid may also like the 10 flashing lights that make it a great ride at night time.


  • Great price
  • Durable PVC body
  • Amazing painting job


  • Not very fast
  • Some signal problems

HPI Racing 106154 Sprint 2 Drift Nissan 350Z RTR (Premium Car)

Length: 431mm

Wheelbase: 254mm

Remote control system: HPI TF-40 2.4GHz

Motor: 15 turn Firebolt, brushed

Battery: 7.2V 2000mAhBattery

Special features: SC-15WP ESC (waterproof and reversible), anodized aluminum chassis parts, Waterproof receiver

With a Nissan 350Z body and authentic details, this is one of the premium RC cars on my list. It is fast and fun to drive for both adults and kids, and it’s easy to maintain.

The HPI Sprint 2 Drift comes with dual belt drive for increased speed and power, maintenance-free gear differentials, and waterproof electronics. The 2.4GHz control system feels natural and is easy to understand, and the car responds instantly to your commands.

I like that it is ready to run (battery and transmitter are included) and you can always customize the general look by changing its body (in case you feel the need).

The waterproof system is amazing in keeping the inner workings working smoothly but you should keep in mind that this is a belt drive. This means that bigger rocks could easily damage one of the belts, so make sure to keep away from bumpy roads. If you like bumpy roads you will probably like the rock crawler, check out the 10 Best Rock Crawlers for Sale Reviewed by me.

Other than this, the car is very fast and offers a fantastic experience for anyone who drives it. It looks amazing and it behaves perfectly on both races and drifts.


  • Waterproof gear
  • Powerful battery
  • Easy to customize and upgrade
  • Behaves extremely well
  • Spare parts readily available


  • Belts need changing from time to time
  • Rocks may damage the belts